ECCLESIA-Quoting from the Oxford Universal English Dictionary on the word “ecclesia”:

Ecclesia [mediaeval Latin, and Greek - from : SUMMONED] -A regularly convoked assembly, especially the general assembly of Athenians. ”Ecclesia” was originally a select civil body, summoned or convoked for a particular purpose. It means called out ones.

ECCLESIA in this case refers to an island world between worlds, where such a select group are drawn from a vast range of situations, races and backgrounds.

escape to Ecclesia's author Lisa Meredith Shah

Brand new exciting novel!

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New fantasy novel sparks imagination and creativity

‘Escape to Ecclesia’ appeals to the greatness inside all human beings and their sense of destiny

MIAMI, Australia – In her new fantasy novel, “Escape to Ecclesia: ‘Flight for Freedom’” (published by Balboa Press), author Lisa Meredith Shah highlights the strength of love over fear and its power to bring wholeness and peace, identifying it as a necessary component for continued, global evolution.

Although it begins in Sydney circa 1955, much of the story takes place on the so-called “disappearing island” of Ecclesia and moves around to other worlds as well. Molly Grace, a teenage girl and the book’s main protagonist, has just discovered that she possesses incredible spiritual gifts.

Molly Grace realizes that her talents are intended for something far greater than simply helping her and her brother cope with personal difficulties in their own lives. She becomes caught up in a much grander operation and finds herself the figurehead of a world-changing shift that will affect all humanity.

Written as fantasy fiction, “Escape to Ecclesia” transcends its genre and offers real spiritual wisdom to its readers. Vivid landscapes, modern technology, relatable characters and musical numbers all come together in this unique new book.

“Many are disillusioned with war and force and simply want to be able to live peaceably,” Shah writes. “There is a global awakening of enlightenment taking place and this work nourishes it and encourages the young to be bold and confident in it whilst further fortifying those of us who have stood for these ways a long time.”

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About the Author

Lisa Meredith Shah was born and raised in Sydney. Since 1995, she has lived on Queensland’s Gold Coast, a place that inspires her intense love and appreciation for spirituality and creativity as crucial life practices. She is an artist, singer, musician, songwriter and storyteller who creatively conveys important life messages using metaphoric imagery. Shah is also the author of “On the Road to Me.”

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