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Lisa SHah EScape

AGAPE is…learning to love yourself the same way God does.

Check out the new blog series AGAPE is…

Been writing a few lately but would like to feature this one. :) A new song!

Right now I am embarking on a committed challenge to myself to alter a limiting mindset once and for all. If you’d like to walk with me and find higher, deeper, broader, wider and farther reaching levels of personal freedom- then read this blog and make your own commitment to FREEDOM FOREVER!!!


Hi and welcome! :)

Still photograph by Ken Rochon Jr of The Umbrella Syndicate and used with permission

Thanks for dropping by and taking time for a quick look or a leisurely browse. It’s my desire that you will find:



  1. Hi Lisa,
    Just opened up the link to your site and it looks great.
    Best wishes to you

    • hey Val… yes, doing a revamp and getting clear about how to get Ecclesia and her message out.
      More changes to come, so check in again and let me know what you think in a while.
      By the way, I’m gong to launch a competition around BookII . I think you will like it!
      Love you!

  2. Yep,
    It’s there, looking good!

    • Yeah, pity I have to redo it! :P

  3. All my best wishes to you,Lisa …… !!

    • Thank you Rruma!

  4. Nice job baby looking good.

    • Hey you!
      Thanks :)
      Very slow progress.

  5. Nice new blog Lisa – Its great to pull all your material videos, photos and writings into one comprehensive site. Driving traffic to the site is the challenging part, for me anyway. I love your introduction video and your encouraging words about connecting with the inner creator – Inspiring!

    Keep up your good work!

    Paul M

    • Hi Paul,
      thanks so much for taking a look. Fresh eyes are good.
      And yes, having so many things, in so many places, having them centrally located here makes it so much easier for everyone.
      I’m adding extra links in the home Page text now, that will make it even better…I hope!

      Great to hear from you! :)


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